Our Principles

Our Principles

Secure green space and protect the environment

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo is committed to preserving the green landscape of Toshimaen. Where conservation is not possible, new trees will be planted to replace those removed due to age or for construction reasons ensuring the same amount of green space is maintained.

Job creation and revitalization for local economy

The Studio Tour Tokyo will be a source of job creation for the surrounding area and will become a landmark attracting visitors to the town. This will increase opportunities to drive business to the local economy. Plans are underway with Seibu Railways to develop’Wizarding World’ theming from Ikebukuro Station to Toshimaen Station to revitalise the locations and attract more people to use this line.

Securing safety and security to the neighbourhood

Throughout the construction phase and beyond, Warner Bros. is committed to helping create a secure and safe neighborhood.

Secure evacuation site and disaster prevention support

The Studio Tour Tokyo is working closely with Tokyo, Nerima Ward, to secure an assigned evacuation plan on the former Toshimaen grounds with the capacity to accommodate 63,669 people in the event of a disaster.  Former Toshimaen grounds (approx. 22ha) are assigned as evacuation space by Tokyo City law. In the event of a disaster all gates (North gate, South gate and East gate) will be open, and the front space will also be available for evacuation.