Operation Policy


Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo (WBSTT) would like to make the following requests to ensure that all visitors and WBSTT staff can enjoy the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking and the magical world in a safe and comfortable environment.
Please be considerate of socially accepted manners and morals.

WBSTT Admission Rules

Requests to Visitors

  • Visitors aged 12 and older may enter without being accompanied by an adult. However, if a parent or guardian is concerned about their admission, we recommend that they be accompanied by a person of junior high school age or older who has a ticket.
  • Visitors with disabilities who have concerns about moving around the studio are recommended to be accompanied by an adult ticket holder.
  • All visitors may enjoy the studio without restrictions, but if you feel uneasy sitting alone in a stable position for a photo on the Magic Broomstick, we recommend that you be accompanied by an adult ticket holder.
  • Please note that interactive activities in the studio and entry to the area may be cancelled without notice.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in the studio except in restaurants and some designated areas. Please refrain from bringing food and drinks other than those sold in the studio.
    If you have any special circumstances, please contact WBSTT in advance.
    (Baby food, snacks for small children, food for those with food allergies, and beverages in water bottles, plastic bottles with lids, or other containers that can be sealed to prevent spills can be brought in. There are water servers at middle of the tour where you can fill in your own bottle.)
  • WBSTT and its affiliates are not responsible for any theft or other damage to visitors’ personal belongings. Visitors are advised to leave their personal belongings in the cloakroom. (Visitors are responsible for their own valuables.)
  • WBSTT and its affiliates are not liable for accidents caused by the negligence of visitors, except in cases where WBSTT or its affiliates are obligated to compensate for such accidents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Evacuation guide lights are off in the studio, but they will be turned on in case of emergency. Please be aware of this in advance. In case of emergency, please follow the guidance of the staff to evacuate.

Visitors who are not permitted to Enter

  • Unaccompanied children under 7 years old (including infants with tickets).
  • Persons affiliated with antisocial forces.
  • Those wearing inappropriate clothing (below) for admission.
    • Clothing that is offensive to public order and morals, clothing that violates public indecency or other laws (excessive exposure, etc.), clothing that imitates staff costumes, unsafe clothing that drags on the ground, clothing and ornaments that may harm visitors or staff, barefoot, other clothing that may be offensive or misleading to third parties.
    • Harry Potter series costumes are allowed in the studio, provided that the above is adhered to.
    • During the security inspection, please remove headgear and special makeup (that covers part of the face such as eyes, nose, and mouth), full-face masks, masks that cover more than half of the face.
  • Those who cannot communicate with staff (due to intoxication, use of illegal drugs, etc.)
  • Those who do not agree to the security inspection as described below.

Requests Regarding Security Inspections

When entering the studio, visitors participating in the tour are asked to cooperate in the inspection of their belongings for security reasons. The inspection of personal belongings will be conducted by self-reporting or by metal detector. If, as a result of the inspection, a visitor is found to be in possession of prohibited items, they will either be temporarily kept in custody or will be required to relinquish ownership. The police may then take over the case.
The inspection will take place after the ticket has been verified.
The following items are prohibited from being brought into the studio.

  • All knives, scissors and other cutting instruments, including sharp metal objects (including imitations).
  • Firearms, gasoline, drugs, poisons, explosives (firecrackers, crackers, etc.).
  • Other items that may harm other visitors, staff and exhibits, such as blunt instruments (including imitations).
  • Balloons, drones, radio-controlled machines, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Any other beverages. However, water bottles, plastic bottles with lids, or other containers that can be sealed to prevent spills are allowed. There are water servers at middle of the tour where you can fill in your own bottle.
  • Food brought by visitors (with some exceptions).
  • Carts, roller bags, etc. for the purpose of carrying luggage (Please leave them in the cloakroom).
  • Roller shoes, skateboards, roller skates, etc.
  • Musical instruments or other noisy items that may disturb other visitors.
  • Tripods/monopods/selfie sticks or other photographic aids (for safety reasons, please refrain from using self-supporting photography equipment in the studio).
  • Selfie stick/gimbal can be used as long as it is at the shortest and not raised above your head.

  • Pets and animals (except assistance dogs).

Prohibited Actions in the Studio

Please refrain from any behavior that may disturb other visitors.
WBSTT staff will warn you in such cases, but if you do not cooperate, you may be denied entry or asked to leave.
The following activities are not permitted when visiting the studio.

  • Transferring or exchanging tickets between visitors, and giving and receiving money associated with them.
  • Sale and display of goods, etc.
  • Distribution of leaflets, etc.
  • Gatherings, speeches.
  • Commercial photography or profit-making activities conducted by anyone other than our company.
  • Use of auxiliary equipment such as monopods, tripods, selfie sticks, etc., except for handheld size grip attachments.
  • Selfie stick/gimbal can be used as long as it is at the shortest and not raised above your head.

  • Shooting in prohibited areas (Photography is allowed in the studio, but is not permitted in certain areas. Photography is also not allowed in security checkpoints, restrooms, or changing rooms).
  • Tour staff have the right to refuse being in any photos that disrupts staff duties, including but not limited to taking close-up photos of staff or selfies with staff.

  • Use of flashlights, additional lighting, strobe lights, etc. in the studio.

  • Running inside and outside the studio.

  • Smoking outside of the smoking area.
  • Touching exhibits. Climbing decorations, fences, etc., or entering prohibited areas such as behind the set.
  • Any activity that interferes with the operation of WBSTT and its related facilities.
  • WBSTT does not allow re-entry.
  • In the facility, shooting may be held for promotional activities sponsored by WBSTT.
    In that case, the viewing area may be partially reduced, and the visitors may become the subject.
    Please note that the images taken may be used for news reports, advertisements, promotions, products, etc.
  • Please do not idle your car when parked in the parking lot.
  • Pets and animals (except assistance dogs) are not allowed in the car park.

  • we accept no responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle (or its contents) while parked within our property.