Step out of the classroom and into the magical world of film production

School rates are available for school groups of 20 or more students, from MEXT-recognized primary and secondary schools based in Japan, subject to availability. There are a limited number of school tickets available per day, to avoid disappointment school visits must be booked and paid for six weeks before your chosen visit date. Our cross-curricular education programme meets learning objectives from the Ministry of Education course of study. Young minds will be stimulated as they discover the extraordinary artistry, technology and talent that went into creating the Harry Potter film series.

To book your school’s visit, please get in touch with our Visitor Services team.

  • Free Broomstick digital Picture
  • Free lesson by certified and qualified teachers
  • Free planning visits available for teachers

Primary Schools

  • For local Primary schools
  • Selected dates subject to availability
  • School rates are available
3,500 JPY

Secondary Schools

  • For local Secondary schools
  • Selected dates subject to availability
  • School rates are available
4,500 JPY

Teacher and carers

  • 1 free ticket per 5 students for Primary schools
  • 1 free ticket per 10 students for Secondary schools
  • Students with EHCP (carer certificate) are entitled to a free carer ticket


  • Entrance ticket to Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo
  • A free 45-minute lesson, planned and taught with certified teachers in our purpose-built classrooms, subject to availability
  • Free broomstick experience digital photo for students
  • Once you’ve booked and paid for your school visit, we provide 2 Free teacher pre-visit tickets


Lesson must be booked in advance together with the school tickets. Lessons are available in Japanese.

Art of Sound

Related-Subjects: Science, Math, Music, Careers
All Grade Levels

The Art of Foley (sound production) lesson focuses on understanding sounds in films and what a Foley artist does. In this lesson, students will learn how sounds are made and relate it to soundwaves and their properties. The practical workshop-style will allow students to experience being a Foley artist and create the sounds for Harry Potter film scenes.

Film Pitch

Related Subjects: Languages ​​​​​​(JA/EN), Careers
​Primary 4th Grade to High School

The Film Pitch lesson focuses on how film ideas can turn into the budget for films. Pitching is an important step in securing funds from filmmakers. In this lesson, students learn about the roles of descriptive and persuasive language in film idea presentation. The students will be encouraged to come up with their own original idea for a film and condense it into a pitch, which would sell it to a film executive.

Movie Business

Related Subjects: Math, Careers
​Primary 5th Grade to High School

The Movie Business lesson focuses on understanding the business aspects of filmmaking. How much does a day’s filming cost? By focusing on specific scenes from the Harry Potter films, students gain an understanding of the enormity of film production and the business principles involved in making a film. In this lesson, students imagine what a film budget might look like. Through information sharing and communication, students learn about various film departments and consider some of the costs involved, such as staff expenses, materials and many more.

Art of Sound

Related Subjects: Arts, Expression, Careers​
​​All Grade Levels

Let us harness your creativity! Graphic arts is a key element in the production of Harry Potter films. A team of graphic designers are tasked with adding details (from Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products to copies of the Daily Prophet newspapers and more) to bring the scenes in the film to life. In this lesson, students will learn how important the role of the graphic designers are in film production.