Enhance Your Visit

Explore the Tour

Fans can get hands-on in a range of interactive experiences. Visitors are able to take part in a green screen experience riding a broomstick, see themselves as a moving portrait in the halls of Hogwarts and even step into the crowd of a Quidditch match.
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Digital Guide

Our handheld audio-visual guides bring the Studio Tour to life with fascinating filmmaking facts, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and cast and crew interviews. Available in Japanese, English, and Mandarin.

Green Screen Experience

Take the chance to experience green screen technology for yourself and ride a broomstick over London, just like the cast did during filming or even step into one of Hogwarts’ moving portraits! Bring home a souvenir of your experience with a photograph or video, available in a variety of packages.

Souvenir Guidebook

Souvenir Guidebooks full of fun facts and behind-the-scenes information are available to purchase.